How many clothing items do I have

How many clothing items can you store in 19 m² of living space?

I have taken all my clothes and shoes out of the closets and counted them. I owe 42 items of clothing and I am not underdressed :). To me, this is enough.

  •  7 pairs of trousers (3 jeans, 2 for summer hiking, 1 for winter hiking, 1 for ski)
  • 3 skirts
  • 1 dress
  • 3 business jackets
  • 15 T-shirts (undershirt)
  • 6 jackets (4 sport, 1 short winter coat and one long coat )
  • many scarves
  • 7 pairs of shoes (2 pairs for hiking, 4 boots, 1 slippers)

Before moving in a tiny house, I had way too many clothes, although I always considered myself an abstinent shopper. I went twice a year in a shopping mall, and exited in less than 30 minutes. But still, before moving in I gave away 5 bags of clothes and shoes.

How many books do I keep in my tiny library


Which are the things that do not fit into my tiny house?

My skiing gear & my bike.




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