How -13° C changed my day

See how my first very cold winter day went.

Its winter. February 27th 2018. Las night we had -13C and in the morning when I wanted to use the water, I saw the system was not functioning. I went to see what was wrong and bam: the water in the hose was ice, perhaps also inside the pipes. I run to fetch a ventilator that would bring warm air inside the technical box (the outside box where the water tanks and pipes are). After running for 3o minutes on maximum, I think the ventilator did its job and I could empty the water from the pipes just to prevent further freezing. This is not funny. Not when you have freezing cold outside. And still -12 C cannot be considered freezing. That is what’s worrying me. What about -20 then?

So, until this cold wave passes, I will have to shower at my friends’ house and wash less or none dishes.

Luckily my toilette doesn’t need water because it’s a composting one.

What I have learned fro this?

  • The technical box needs way better insulation
  • I need a heating source in the technical box and a thermometer
  • Extreme winter is not so friendly to tiny houses.

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