My Tiny House

Let me introduce to you the Tiny Atlas. My tiny house.


Built between August- October 2017

Built by: Eco Tiny House

Where: in Romania, Miercurea Ciuc

Costs: 15.000 euro

Size exterior: 6.6 m / 2.44 m

Size interior: 6.3 m /2.2 m

Surface: 17 m²

Height: 4 m


Weight: 2850 kg

Solar panels: soon

Plans available for purchase: soon

Amenities: 2.2 m kitchen, 4 burner stove, couch, reading nook, kitchen table, bathroom with shower, composting toilette & sink, loft.

What is special about it: it has a lot of reclaimed materials, like 15 years old windows, panelling inside and outside and the table is made from an old coat hanger.

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