How did the Tiny House concept conquer me

One year before I have decided I am ready to live tiny, I have traveled with my backpack 8 months with the workaway project. Amazing by the way. You can travel anywhere in the world, and for a couple of hours per day you work and get accommodation and board instead.

I have spent many nights sleeping in my tent, either on the sea beach, or in the mountains and having travelled with only a backpack that needed to fit in the plane cabin – I have learnt to take with me only what I needed and make the best use of it. It is not so hard as it seems.

So, already used to sleeping in small spaces,caravans, hostels bunk beds, I knew I would adapt to a tiny house space. I started reading books written by solo builders, people who have managed to build a tiny house alone or with little help. And I think I watched all the reasonable youtube videos on tiny houses out there.

I was very ambitious about building my tiny with my own strength also (I wrote a previous post on that).

I watched video tours of tiny spaces imagining myself inside, wondering if the space would feel too small, if the walls would fall on me, it the loft celling would suffocate me in the night…all normal questions everyone has when they hear about living in such a home. The more I watched, the more my worries were fewer.

What I lacked was the chance to see a tiny house live, when I was projecting. I did all the drawing of the interior of my tiny with only the help of imagination. And I knew one thing for sure:

I don’t want to overcrowd the space. It has to look both small and spacious. Quite a challenge.

So, I have decided to build a tiny house.

It was December 2016. I had a long winter to think and rethink this decision as I was working as a ski instructor.

I needed a place where I could leave my stuff, without asking my mom or friends if they can fit my stuff under the bed somewhere in their houses. I had no home of my own and the only home I ever had was a beautiful apartment which I have decided to leave to the bank when the monthly installments were forcing me to live to work, not work to live.This happened 3 years before. And I felt so free after giving up on that property, like never.

So, at some point I had bags with clothes in four homes, 400 km away from each other. When you reach to this point, you even forget what you have and where it is.

I was thinking of the ideal solution for me because I was free of any social commitment (no family, no kids). So,

  • being mobile, was important
  • having a house that simplified my life, was important
  • I always moved around a lot
  • And I plan to continue to move around

And don’t get me wrong. I like steadiness.

But I also like the new, the traveling, the exploring. So I wanted a house I can take with me when I change my home. Maybe it will be 2 times a year. Maybe once every five years.

The tiny House on wheels was the ideal candidate. The other options were: a caravan, the WV bus converted into a mobile home, which would have allowed me a lot of mobility but less space and comfort.

First thing, I did were the pros and cons of having a tiny house on wheels versus a camper van and I understood I needed a home first then a car I can travel and sleep in.

So Tiny House on Wheels Dream got a big vote!


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