If I did it, so can you

I thought it would be interesting to know why I write this blog. Well, it is because I wanna help you, tiny living passionates, get the information faster. I have studied, googgled, youtubed and read a lot of materials regarding tiny living, building, buying and I have done this for more than 6 months everyday. People around me said, that I only talk about tiny houses so I have made some go mad, but that was just my excitement kicking in.

I have started from zero. A few months ago I did not know what lumber is and what „panelling” refers to. Composting toilette sounded like UFO and all the other aspects you can think of were unknown to me. But passion, motivation and dreaming can make anything happen.

So, long story short, I plan to share with you all the information that I know- while my dog is trying to squeeze herself next to me on the couch. We are living in  our tiny house since oct 2017 and it is amazing.

I will cover almost anything you can think of while you plan to start living tiny.

2 gânduri despre &8222;If I did it, so can you&8221;

  1. Hello 😊 looking forward to read more about the life in a tiny house.. one thing I Wonder about. . How do you heat up the house? And how cold is it where you live? Is it cold in the house?


    1. Hei, glad I make you curious. I heat my house with an electric heater. Winters in Transylvania are not so harsh. I had -10 Celsius at most. If the house is constantly heated, even on minimum level, its ok. But when you open the door for longer than 2 minutes, the cold air rushes in and the temperature changes in an instant.
      The loft is always warm tough.
      In my house, I would need an extra heater for the bathroom.


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